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Through the Panes

Featuring new work from 12  talented early career artists, Through The Panes was a collection of short film, theatre, dance, and gallery works on a diverse range of subjects. As a part of the experience, audiences had the option to view the entire show at once, or navigate an interactive web portal where each piece was displayed separately with more info on the artist and their process.

Justin Cover.jpg
Caleb Cover.jpg
Eve Cover.jpg
Kiara Cover.jpg
Jayna Cover.jpg
Liz Cover.jpg
Lily Cover.jpg
Liam Cover.jpg
Vinnie Cover.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 12.01.15
Amanda Cover.jpg



Taso Cover.jpg





Production Team

Justin Lahue

Mason Lafferty

Kelsey Whipple

Sarah Poole

Erin Field

Collin Smith

Producing Artistic Director

Associate Producer

Stage Manager

Stage Manager

Stage Manager

Writing Consultant

Special Thanks

Bill Humphreys

Wesley Savick

Bobbie Steinbach

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