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The World Inside your Head

Jayna Wheeler


Jayna Wheeler has been working in theatre since her freshman year of high school; working anything from stage management to spotlight! She's currently a freshman at York County Community College and works at The Seacoast Repertory Theatre as a Resident Stage Manager. This past year, she has explored shadow puppetry on her own while also performing, and sometimes creating, for the Seacoast Rep.


Jayna has created a shadow puppet performance to the song "Jan 4, 2558 BE" made by Ben Hart. She hopes to capture what it feels like to escape reality for a few minutes and live in the fantasy world in your head, away from responsibilities and life.


The Seacoast Repertory Theatre is committed to the cultural richness of the Seacoast region through the shared experience of live theater and its youth, teen, and senior educational programs. We contribute by producing creative, thoughtful, and high quality year-round programming as well as collaborating with like-minded arts and cultural organizations.

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