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Bitch for You

Eve Flederman


Eve Flederman is a fine arts and theatrical creator. She does a lot of work around mental health and the inner workings of our minds and the experiences within that which connect us all. She has most recently worked on “The House That Dripped Blood” as a visual artist on a digital theatrical piece at Suffolk University.


This piece is about a girl who is socially drained by upholding the expectation of politeness and being a social butterfly only finding solace in her car rides between work and interactions. Driving away to figure out who she is when no one is around and learning to love the things that have labeled her a “bitch” in other’s eyes.


DOVE is committed to partnering with diverse communities, families, and individuals impacted by domestic violence or partner violence. They promote hope, healing, safety, and social change by providing a broad range of preventive and responsive services.

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